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July 9th, 2005]
[ mood | curious ]

alright guys, i made a new journal!  i thought it was time for a fresh start ;]

it's  _4ke1s  , comment over there to be added![it's friends only]  i still might update this journal every now&then.. but i will mostly be updating in my new journal!


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July 7th, 2005]

ugh.. i guess it's time for another one of my wonderful updates. exciting, huh?

me having the memory that i do, i'm not gonna` be able to tell you much of what has happened lately.

i shall start with SAtURdAY..  uhmm.. i don't remember what i did during the day.. but around 9, me, jess, &audrey headed down to cody`s for a fire. quite a few people showed up, but didn't stay very long. it was fun i guess.. i stayed til` around 11 or somthin`.. then me&jess left.

SUNdAY.. bRitt came over around 4 or so, &we went out =) we always have fun, but i won't go into great detail about our journies :] haha. i will say that we went to wal mart a few times, renos, mc.donalds, josh's house, &a few other places! &she t00k me home around 10.

M0NdAY[the 4th] ..  we[the family] cooked out around 5.. it was pretty good.  josh came over around 6 or something.. &we went to the parade @8. the parade sucked balls, but that's okay! =)  after the parade.. well, read sv_cruel 's journal.. haha- that way i don't have to write as much!

also, i added to my picture page! http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/ke1s_08/my_photos  it's under 'SUMMER `o5'

okay, i'm such a nerd. i have 252 random songs playing.. i am currently on #73 [which is eminem-loose yourself]. yeah.. i'm stupid.  i need more to do this summer, btw. if anyone wants to do something.. message me or leave me a comment&let me know =)   oh yeah, &does anyone know when the fair starts? i'm oddly excited about it =/ oh well..

tomorrow [thursday] is my first swim meet in a year.. i haven't practice, i'm going to suck. haha. wish me luck though!  okay.. randoms..

 it's 3:30 am, &i'm not the least bit tired.

 i really want to see 'charlie&the chocolate factory!' ((coming jUlY 15th to a theater near you ;] ))

 as much as it pains me to say, i need tp get in shape for summer league =/  ugh, i hate practicing.

 i haven`t the slightest idea of when cross country pracitce starts

 now i'm on #75 of my extremely long list of songs :D

 i'm bored, & i'm saying random things trying to make this seem like a long entry..

&i now give up! C0MMENtS!<3  ;]

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-put that sugar on my tounge tounge. yippy yippy, yum yum ;) [Sunday
July 3rd, 2005]
[ mood | happy ]

-g0t this fr0m brittany_rene

Please leave a one-word comment that you think best describes me. It can only be one word. No more. Then copy & paste this in your journal so that I may leave a word about you!

since everyone else is  :]

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-ViVA lA bAM iS 0N AGAiN- [Friday
July 1st, 2005]
[ mood | --eh ]

-- change, change, change.. constantly changing

new background, ya like it? <3

[EDiT] i have a swim meet in abington coming up thursday, so wish me luck,luck,&m0re luck ;] (i'll need it considering this is the first meet, &i've only been to 2 practices since last year =/ )

also, the -4th-0f-JUlY- is monday! that's like my favorite holiday! i went to bUllit PARk last year, &the fireworks were great! so hopefully i'll get to go up there again* but those are just a few things coming up..
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June 29th, 2005]
[ mood | awake ]

ok, i'm in dire need of an update.. i really don't want to though =/

as you found out on my last entry, my birthday was last tuesday. thanks to all of those who commented&told me happy b-day ;] i love you all! tuesday i also had colorguard practice.. after that, caitlin&i went to see 'madagascar'. it made the second time i seen it.. but it's all good!

i had a few people over saturday [couldn't have too many], &yeah.. we swam&stuff.. &camped out. all in all it was fun! i have a few picturesCollapse )if you want to see them

my cousins came in friday from alabama&stayed the night.. * they stayed for my party too. areesa, meghan, deven, josh&i all went to the movies monday to see 'batman begins'. i didn't really understand it. but if i would have, i bet it would've been a great movie! haha. i really want to see 'willy wonka&the chocolate factory', btw.

2 pictures from mondayCollapse )

also, for those of you who didn't know.. josh&i started dating on the 22nd. :] ok, i think i'm done updating.. i didn't want to in the first place =/ lol. i like comments! =)


[EDIT] surveyCollapse )
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June 20th, 2005]
[ mood | happy ]

   t0M0RR0W iS MY biRthdAY!  ;]

[hAPPY biRthdAY t0 mE]


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June 7th, 2005]
[ mood | chipper ]

I was tagged by:  brittany_rene, lil_angel08,_two_four_, & seb_2113

List your current 6 favorite songs, and then pick 6 of your live journal friends who have to do the same.

01. hawthorne heights- ohio is for lovers
02. weezer- beverly hills
03. lifehouse- you&me
04. ying yang twins- whisper
05. destiny's child- cater to you
06. incubus- drive

Now I tag:
01.  eyesofgreen_
02.  lindsey_morgan
03.  sw1mmer75
04.  sv_cruel
05.  _hrw
06.  _els

i`ll be 15 in 2 weeks  ;)

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May 18th, 2005]
[ mood | chipper ]

hmm.. what to update about..

well, let's see now! i tried out for cheerleading this past friday(which was also friday the 13th). so yeah, i made jV.=).. that was also the day of the district track meet. it started raining, thundering lightning.. etc.. so yeah, i left.

well, norton's prom is this saturday =D & i will be going to watch a few of my girls walk in, especially lindz&tina. since they both came to watch me walk in! lindsey even taped it. haha! sunday i start my lifeguard training. for those of you who didn't know, i will be lifeguarding norton's pool this summer.. so someone come drown so i can save you! =). haha* nah, don't really, that'd be bad.

next friday i am supposedly  going to the haunted orphanage. i am very seriously creeped out&don't think i can do it. i'm just chicken like that. then that saturday is kristen's party.. i'll probably check it out so yeah..

we get out of school june 2nd!! heck yess son! lol. also on that day is the band pool party @ the country club. it was pretty fun last year, so hopefully it will be this year too! we also get to bring a guest, gee.. i wonder who i should take ;) haha.

anyway, graduation is the 5th i must say i'll miss quite a few people =( i got to be pretty good friends with a bunch seniors this year!! Colin, Justin, Biwwy, Brad, Tiff, Manda, Josh, aw-Abe(refer to florida pics if you don't know him), STEFAN!, Caitlin, David, Wes(lindsey's bf), & Jeremy.. i <3 you all so much!!  oh yeah, & colorguard try-outs are tomorrow. almost forgot about that.

that was a summary for  the next month or so because i'm not real sure when i'll get to update again.

comments are appreciated =D

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May 14th, 2005]
[ mood | content ]

keys to my <3Collapse )



my personality typeCollapse )


taste in musicCollapse )


horoscopeCollapse )


type of friend i amCollapse )


b-e-a-utilful!Collapse )


what kinda` girl am iCollapse )


love stylECollapse )


obviously, i am bored&don't feel like updating =D lol

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May 8th, 2005]
[ mood | amused ]

well, i'll start off by saying that this weekend has been an interesting one..

starting with friday.. school, which was nothing out of the ordinary...after school i skipped practice yet again ( i'm such a rebel) & just went home. around 6 we went to get jessi&mom dropped us off @ the game. i went out there to see josh, that's right, a person of the opposing team, what are ya gonna` do about it? =D. anyways, i stayed for the whole game, & had a great time playing with skylar's little brother andrew.. haha, i<3that kid. he's like 4. lol. after the game was over, i was able to talk to josh for like, 2 seconds, then he sprinted to the bus because it was leaving him which was hilarious! lol. mom came&got me, jess&audrey&took us to jessi's house. around 8:30 or so we went to the bowling alley.. we ended up hangin` out with some people from wise actually!  haha, i love kelly ppl!. um, left the bowling alley around 11&went back to jessi's.. nothing really to do so we watched some movies&went to sleep.. well, audrey went to sleep. jessi stayed on the phone with jaymil all night, so it was a little hard to sleep with her in my ear.. i went downstairs&got on the computer for a while, &finally passed out.

saturday.. we woke up around 12&it was very nice outside! =). sherrie(jessi's mom) cooked us breakfast. bisquits&gravy, bacon&sausage..it was yummy ;) we walked to audrey's house, which was longer&had a lot more hills to walk up then i expected. .&all for a toothbrush! =P lol. umm.. went to the park aronud 2 where me, jess&auddi decided to walk around town.. that was an interesting expierience. it was nothing for me because i run it all the time, but jess&audrey, especially audrey, were freaking out. anyway, we made it back to the park, & i went home for a while to clean myself up a little bit. went back to jessi's around 6 where me, her, &auddi would "babysit." it's a lot harder than it seems to babysit a 6&10 year old. 'specally when it's torie&lexie.haha. me&audrey were getting seriously bired&were almost @ our breaking point.. so i called my wondermous cousin brittany, & she stopped by for literally 10 seconds maybe? lol, i love ya tho!. kessi game the kids a bath&out `em to bed around 9. aw, she sounds so grown up when i say that.. lol. me&auddi stayed outside while this was going on because it sounded like a war in there. we were gonna go to the movies with a few other ppl to see' house of wax,' but then we realized 'we have no way to get there.' haha. so i called my mom&she brought us some pizza,&we just hung out for a while. i'm not going into great detail about the night for a few certain reasons..so.. sherrie&jD(jessi's parents) got in from the country club around 12, as me, jess, &auddi were passed out on the couch/floor/&table (haha, don't ask), being the sweet/innocent girls we are ;) haha*

sunday.. today is mothers day, for those of you who didn't already know.. of course, i stayed with jessi yet again, so apparently i woke up @ her house. mom came&got me @ freaking 10:00!.sheww..i was still sleeping too! i came home, & me, mom, dad, alicia(sister)&brandon(nephew), went to kentucky to eat @ the pine mnt. grill for mother's day. which brings men to now, where i sit listening to music&being bored to death.  i'm supposedly going to a motorcross race thing @ the fairgrounds, but i don't know if mom is gonna' let me go. doesn't realy make a difference to me if i go or not.

but this update i waaay longer than i intended it to be, so i'm going to go outside or something of the such..well, that is, after i dL this song, which i don't know the title of or who it's by.. the only lyrics i remember to it says "let's get high, let's get high". . lol, great song i know.. but it's better than the whisper song! ;) haha.. pEaCE 0UT <33 =D

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-i`ll tell you what i feel, from the moment i met you it's been so damn real. [Monday
May 2nd, 2005]
[ mood | cold ]

my <3 seems to skip another beat *everytime* we speak, can't believe i feel so  w e a k . i'm going crazy, i've been thinking lately that you&me, yes we can make it ;)

i love that song!! lol. i'm really not in the mood to update.. i`ll say that prom was great, most fun i've had in a while!! my date was very sweet the whole time =)  i will update later about prom when i'm more awake.. but i think that this is enough for an update.. much <33!


surveyCollapse )
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could it be you&i never imagined.. [Tuesday
April 26th, 2005]
[ mood | anxious ]

could it be suddenly i`m falling for you?

guess who finally got their prom dress!! yep, me! we went to jC today & i got a dress, some shoes, a necklace, bracelet&earrings..& i didn`t spend that much. lol. i tried to find a picture of my dress on the internet&couldn`t find one =/ .. but it`s really pretty!

i have a track meet tomorrow @ coeburn.. since i haven`t practiced with a coach since the day before we went to florida, i don`t expect to do that great. i`ve been practicing a little on my own though.. up @ uVa..

i really don`t have much to update about, actually.. i was just bored.. i`ll probably update after this weekend..so, later! hehe ;)

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- . . my <3 seems t0 skip -a- beat.. [Saturday
April 23rd, 2005]
[ mood | chipper ]

*everytime*  w e  speAK . . -  ;)

i have quite a few more pictures, but here`s a few of `em that i`ve already scanned on to the computer!!

picture time! =DCollapse )

well, i really couldn`t even begin to tell you how much fun we had on the trip! i`m gonna` try to sum it all up, but it`s gonna` be hard! lol

starting with.. wEdnEsdAY:    Wednesday before the trip, we had to go to school :/  After school we went down to the band room&practiced a little bit. We left the highschool around 5:30 or so & it was a  l0ng trip down there. lol. it was an 18hour trip down there&i ended up staying awake the WH0lE time! there was only a few other people awake, so i moved to the front of the bus&talked to them all night. we stopped @ mcd0nalds around 7:00 for breakfast. After that it was time to fo to sEA w0Rld!!  not my first time there, but it was fun! we had to get ready&change&stuff on the bus. i didn`t really ride much of anything at sea world, but me&caiT g0t  s0AKeD! We went&watched the shamu show & caitlin was like "i wanna` get wet, i wanna` get wet!" well, we got wet. haha. & it was really uncomfortable to walk around covered in salt water the rest of the day. haha. we left sea world aroun 8 or something&went to the hotel. the hotel was S0 C00l! it was really nice! we unpacked, & most people hung out in the halls. haha.

FRidAY: We woke up @ like, 7 maybe? & we went down to eat breakfast @ Golden Corral. there was like 3 other bands there too! After that we went to Islands of Adventure, where we did the parade! The parade went well, except i think most of the colorguard hit a few people with their flags, including me! lol. After the parade we spent the rest of the day there! i rode a few rides! most the time i was with caitlin&rode stuff with her* but she wouldn`t ride this one ride, so i rode it with FrEEmAN! Islands 0f Adventure was probably my favorite park, they had so much cool stuff!

SAtURdAY: wow, i`m already tired of typing. haha. umm.. saturday was mGm studios i think! Didn`t like that park all that much!  mE, ShAnn0n&staciE spent the day with FrEEmAN, MiL, AbE,&j0Sh!* We had a pretty good time! We got some tatoos, & got some pictures with different ppl! mE&ShAnn0n talked to the really hot guys! they just came up&started talking to us! Shann0n-the guy in the rEd shirt!!! L0L! We were gonna` go to mardi gras&a night club that day, but it wasn`t teen night@ the club :/

SUNdAY: UNIVERSAL STUDIOS!! i really liked that place!* although me, shannon, &stacie spent most the time@ city walk. City Walk was great! i would go back to florida right now just to go there!!  they had so many great shops&other stuff!!  but anyways.. after we left that park, we went back to the hotel! The mall was still open, so me, shannon&stacie went over there&went SHOPPING!! but the mall was gAY & closed @ 9:00. it`s all good though!

since i`m getting tired of typing this, i`ll tell you more about the trip later!!& please excuse whatever typos i may have made, too lazy to go back&read it over* pEAcE 0uT! =D hehe!


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April 18th, 2005]
[ mood | tired ]

i`m baaaaack!!!!

i got back from fl0ridA just 3 hours ago!! i had an AWES0ME time!!! i`ll update about the trip in a few days when all *4* of my cameras have been developed* i`ll post ALL my pics, & that`s a lot of pictures*!

<33 -

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whatever tomorrow bring i`ll be there.. [Saturday
April 9th, 2005]
[ mood | amused ]

with open arms&open eyes, yeah.

nothin much has been goin` on lately..  umm..

i wanna` say something really random first, lol. okay, has anyone ever seen that commercial where the guy is talking to his sock? & the sock says "cause i have a feeling we`re gonna` be beeeeest friends!" i flippin` love it! haha! anyways..

monday, i went to a baseball game! it was the second baseball game i had ever been to! we went&got jess & we went to the game. we didn`t even stay the whole time. lol. after like, the third inning, i called mom & she came&got us& we went to mcdonalds..

skipping forward a couple days.. wednesday was my first track meet! after school the track team took the bus up to coeburn, we were the first team there. coach bonney said that it was a relaxed meet & what-not, but we were the only team there without uniforms! anyways.. me, jules, lindz&kara did the relay.. not gonna` do that again haha. i ran the 800 & placed 5th out of like 11 or so. i think that`s decent for my firsrt real track meet. no one else on the team ran anything other than the relay. lindz, wes, kara, & a few other ppl stayed & cheered me on during the 800! haha, it was cool, i had my own little cheering section ;)  i was about dead after that so me&mom stopped on the way home& got a blueberry cheesequake blizzard frmo dQ.. those things are s0 good!!

skipping ahead again.. friday(last night) skye brought my youthquake t-shirt to school! i was happy, i`m gonna` wear it to youthquake the one day i can go(the 12th). after school, i didn`t have track practice, so i went to the ACT play up in pound! Brandon(my nephew) won the art contest they had, so me, mom, dad, alicia, shannon, brandon, melissa, & her sister had reserved front seats for it! i also seen shaun there, who i had missed dearly! good to see you again bud! the play was GREAT! everyone did such an awesome job, cari cait, rachel, cassandra, molly, brandi, & especially von, who was the star of the play!! so big ups to everyone who`s a part of ACT, ya`ll are awesome!

some pics from ACTCollapse )

today, i had a track meet up at bullitt park at 10:30. i got there around 11:00.. i saw quite a few people up there. cari, melissa, peter, daniel, william, von.. & a few more! i ran the 800 again.. me&jules ran it, & we had to run against a girl name Ashton Bishop. she beat us all! that`s like the fastest freakin` girl i`ve ever seen! she won it of course. lol =)  i didn`t do too terrible, but not as great as i would`ve liked to. congratulations to Pete, who won 2nd in the 100 & 1st in the 200!(i think i got that right) i`m proud of ya boy! lol.  i came home after the meet around 3 or somethin`.. & did absolutely nothing, but i am very sun burnt from the meet. ouch! oh yeah, & peter has that gymnastics show comin` up! i forgot the date so he`ll have to tell me again, but i`m goin` & so should everyone else cause they rock!!

tomorrow i have to go to jC mall to get some clothes for florida! we were gonna` go today but it was too late after the track meet to go.  i`m leaving for florida in like, 4 days so leave me some comments cause this is probably my last update til` i get back! leave me somethin` good to come back to ;) also, ya`ll can call my cell phone anywhere between the 13th&18th! please call me anytime on the 13th because we`re leaving after school&i`ll be on a bus for 18 hours =/ -275-0348-.. save me!! =D

i guess that`s all i have to update about, & that was more than i had planned on! pEAcE 0UT everyone!


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i beg to dream&differ from the hollow lies - [Sunday
April 3rd, 2005]
[ mood | crazy ]

i re-did my journal! =) i like it. i can`t get the music to work though! i got the URL thing&everything, but i guess i don`t really know where to put the code.
i might update later on!!
- <33

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March 27th, 2005]
friends only, log-in to read =)
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i`m not here to be around, [Saturday
March 19th, 2005]
[ mood | silly ]

or be that girl that you forget about

i`m bored outta` my flippin` mind!! geesh..  i might go see the ring 2 tonight! the only problem is, i`ve never seen the first ring.. i was too scared to watch it. &i`m not 'all0wed' to go see the ring2 until i watch the first one.

besides that, i didn`t go to the forensics competition.. it was at haysi&mom wouldn`t take me. so good luck to kristina, audrey, & daniel!! i can`t wait to know how ya`ll did! ;)

yesterday was just a little boring..  school, track practice..  i got home around 4:30 or 5:00. i was bored so i got mom to take me to the movie store to rent 'cruel intentions', & i L0VE it! &i didn`t know it, but one of my favorite songs is on the soundtrack, the verve-bittersweet symphony! i`ve watched it 3 times alreadY!* daniel called& his printer didn`t work&he had to print his speech, & have it by morning.. so he emailed it to me, i printed it, & he came over& got it. haha. Brandon(my nephew) was down here at the time,& daniel ended up stayin` til` about 11. we played video games with Brandon!(&he cheated&beat us) lol.

i didn`t go to youth again thursday!! i`m gonna` do everything i can to go next thursday though.. i really want to.

hmm.. i can`t wait til` summer! i`m so sick of school..&having an everyday routine, it kills me! nothin` else to say so..  pEAcE 0Ut!<33

c0untd0wn t0 fl0ridA - 3weeks&4days!

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March 15th, 2005]
[ mood | grumpy ]

peaple freakin` KILL ME! (not you daniel, just so ya know) but my gosh people, cant we just GROW UP!?

sheww.. today hasn`t been the greatest day.. it`s just been little things, but it still sucks.. i`ve been tryin` all day not to go off on people, & it worked til later.. i just lost it when a certain person started stupid crap.. & the sad part is, i don`t think they realize how they are??  geez.. it`s really childish..

besides that.. i think i`m goin` to youth thursday, it should be pretty fun.. i suppose..maybe.. possibly..

this weekend i think i`m gonna` go watch the forensics thing at haysi. Kristina`s in it, & Audrey, &Colin&Dru, & even Daniel. i haven`t even asked mom if i can go yet, but i think she`ll let me..

i have nothing else...

4 weeks&1 day til` florida...

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March 12th, 2005]
[ mood | silly ]

i leave for florida in 4 weeks&4 days!!  HECK YESS!  =)

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